I have been making artworks since 1976 and have this work exhibited around the world. In the last three years I have been researching high resolution in the moving image form and have made around 20 new works.


Between 1976 and 1980 I made 9 art works - before this I was involved in painting, scultpture, photography, music and soundwork. Between 1981 and 1990 I made 25 works and shot a feature film and various dramas and first came across analogue HD. Between 1991 and 2003 I concentrated on the art of cinematography, shot another feature film, various dramas, came across Digital HD and Electronic CInematography and made 10 works. Between 2004 and the present, I shot another feature (plus worked on another - Glastonbury - with camera supervisor Ben Smithard), shot various Dramas and I have made around 35 works, around three quarters in high definition. Projects I have worked on have been nominated for awards such as the Grierson, Prix Italia, Bafta, Royal Television Society , ITVA, Prix Graph Montbeliard and Locarno, Tokyo Video Festivals.

Portraits of Glastonbury Tor00000In Re Ansel Adams00000Ritratti di Cannaregio00000Un Tempo, Una Volta00000The Unfurling00000The Sum of Hands

Latest work: Portraits of Bristol University's Centenary000000Excerpt from Portraits of the Somerset Carnivals000000New Exhibitions in 2010



A Verbatim History of High Definition Aesthetics and Technologies







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