In 2018 I am beginning a large scale artwork and collaboration to be completed in 2019 entitled 'Requiem for the Digital Age: The 5 Giants.' This will be being prepared during 2018 for premier during the 2019 Somerset Media Arts Festival

I am also working on a VR version of In Other People's Skins for exhibition at the Cathedral of St John the Divine in New York for 2019

There are plans for another new work in collaboration with Charlotte Humpston, 'Sacrifice and Transformation' to be exhibited at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco in 2019


The Laniakean Paradigm - A ten screen projected work on the subject of consciousness and the material world

The Golden Bough, single screen work

Self Portrait in the Quantum Age, single screen work


  • Drawing, Inscription, Abstraction, Intersectionality (Single screen long form work) comprised of: arabesque
  • Collection - Triptych (3 large screen projected installation) comprised of:


  • Intersection of Dreams' (2D & 3D Cinemontage) was comissioned by University of Bristol and then co-funded by University of the West of England. It is a moving image triptych. The central display is in landscape aspect ration (a 55 inch screen) which is a restaging of Salvador Dalis Crucifixion - in this case 4 different young people crucified, hanging above a nighjt landscape composed from images of Los Angeles and Bristol. Each side panel is a close-up portrait aspect ratio moving image of people aged from between 16 to 26. This work can also be exhibited in 3D.
  • 2014
  • 2008 - 2014
  • James loves Sarahof thThe Elemental Waveof thThe Unfailing Landscapeof thCathedral Stepsof thGlastonbury Torof thSmoke Pieceof thIn Re Richard Longof thChrists Crucifixion over Bristol


    These elemental landscape works relate to my concerns around place and the reality of place when depicted on screen. I am constructing works that invite the audience to reflect on the nature of the elemental via its mediation on a 20 x 10 foot screen (in its nature non-elemental), to question the act of the representation of the ‘real’ and its relationship to issues of how its resolution affects how it is received.

    I also recently completed a large scale single screen work which is complemented by also having a series of prints made from the images. This work was shot in Norway and is titled: Until I'm Gone. I displayed the related prints on aluminium at a show in the Salisbury Arts Centre in September 2010 and the P3 Gallery in December 2010. Prints from Bergen



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