A friend approached me to help create an event at a hotel that was closing down on Bristol. I had previously been thinking through the idea that artists could be an invading and occupying force for good - like a cultural UN. This was insprired by a trip to Los Angeles. I joined with Jonathan Colwey and Jon Dovey to organise an event where we gathered 22 artists to 'occupy' the hotel which was in Bristol. Then, after completing this work I told an Italian friend, Romano Fattorossi of the InVideo Festival in Milan of the original hotel occupation and he was impressed enough to organise the same kind of event in Monza - artists from as far away as Rumania took part. Myself and Martin Reiser from the original occupation in Bristol also exhibited there and my Dinner Party is now in permanent exhibition at the Number 9 Hotel in Monza.












0The Art Hotel in Bristol

0The Art Hotel in Monza