New Work: Perot's Bridge, a sound installation on Bristol's Perot's Bridge (for September 2006) Review
Docker's Window, a video installation at @Brtistol (for September 2006) Review
"The Dinner Party" is an installation first shown at the 2004 Glastonbury Festival in the Phoenix Arts Centre. A dinner party shot directly from above - then the image projected down on to an empty table bare except for 8 white plates. A virtual dinner party appears - only the hands of the participants and the food eaten seen until the end, (the above frame). Chairs are placed around the outside and gallery goers are then asked to take their places, trying to follow the hand movements caught on Camera. This installation featured at the Invideo Festival in Milan from October 2005 until March 2006.

"Terry Flaxton's shrewd and paradoxical installation contributes to the deconstruction of traditional video. The restless and versatile british filmmaker refuses usual interactivity, and displays, instead of a normal screen, a laid dinner table; then invites the viewer, through a very precise projection, to try to match the virtual fellows' gestures. An unforeseeable and bewildering end follows." Techne Catalogue October 2005 - May 2006

All of my work is archived at the British Artists Study Collection at St Martins, Rewind at Dundee University, Video Les Beauz Jours, Strasbourg, the Lux Centre, London and AICE InVideo in Milan and will be available for constant view from January 2006 there.
I have just completed all of the parts of the series series: MYTH AND MEANING IN THE DIGITAL AGE began in 1989. I premiered THE COLOUR TRILOGY at the Bonne Biennale in 1992 - this three part work was comprised of THE INEVITABILITY OF COLOUR, ECHOS REVENGE and THE OBJECT OF DESIRE. MYTH AND MEANING IN THE DIGITAL AGE will eventually be comprised of all seven parts plus an introduction and epliogue.



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