Inevitably it helps for you to know who I've lit, and who've been comfortable to be lit by me and that means a name check. Many camerapeople shoot famous people in reportage situations but the list that follows is where I consider a "light" was necessary and important to the shoot. My principal clients in the music area have been Polygram International and its takeover parent Universal International. I've also worked for Time AOL and many terrestrial broadcasters. I've lit various promos and concerts for people like Van Morrisson. Though I've lit many more than those who appear here, Each of these stars were shot separately and on request of the above companies to be photographed "exceptionally". (The camera I'm operating below is a 60fps HD varicam).

Julie Andrews
Naomie Harris
Elvis Costello
Tom Harper
Dave Stewart
Ron Wood
Jason Issacs
Gina McKee
Sum 41
Annie Lennox
Queen Latifa
Shane McGowan
Brian May
Blink 182
John McGloughlin
Jon Bon Jovi
The Everly Brothers
The Lemon Heads
Paco Da Lucia
Siobhan Redmond
Ion Griffiths
Pete Townsend
George Martin
Lisa Stansfield
Harry Belafonte
Van Morrisson
Mariah Carey
Andrew Lloyd Webber
Mick Jagger
Jimmy Page

I've also "shot" The Queen