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In 2008 I completed and exhibited 8 new installations:: In Re Ansel Adams, Portraits of Glastonbury Tor, Portraits of Cannaregio, Un Tempo Una Volta, Water Table, Dance Floor, The Unfurling.
I also completed two short single screen works: Autumn Dusk Cafe Scene, (Venice) and The American Dream.

In 2009 came the making of a new large scale piece which is the completion of the seven part work I began in 1989 entitled, The Colour Myths: Myth And Meaning In The Digital Age. This now has an introduction and an epilogue making 9 parts in total. Thsis was originally premiered at the 1992 Bonne Bienalle as the three part work: The Colour Trilogy

14 History Lessons, 18 Visions and 21 Beatifications

(The Colour Myths: Myth and Meaning in the Digital Age

A Work in 9 Parts)

Introduction, 2007, 10 minutes

The Inevitability of Colour (1990 - 2007) (part 1 of both The Colour Trilogy and The Colour Myths) 21 minutes

Echo's Revenge (91) (part 2 of both The Colour Trilogy and The Colour Myths) 5 minutes

The Eye Projects the World 1992 - 2005 1 minute (part 3 of The Colour Myths)

ECHO'S COMPASSION - Echos Gift, 5 minutes 2006 (part 4 of The Colour Myths) 4 minutes

Timepiece 1992 - 2005 (part 5 of The Colour Myths)

The Object of Desire (1992) (part 3 of The Colour Trilogy and part 6 of The Colour Myths) 6 minutes

NEMESIS: THE MYSTERY AT THE HEART OF MEANING 5 minutes, 1992 - 2006 (Part 7 of The Colour Myths)

Epilogue: Unreal Timepiece 1992 - 2005 1 minute


January 2007 - Conference of the Birds

April 2007 - Yosemite Piece

In My Own Footsteps, Part Three, 3 minus, April 2007
May 2007 - The Unfurling - Installation


The Dinner Party - installation (cycle of 45 minutes) June 2004

Dance Floor - installation (cycle of 5 minutes) December 2005 May 2006

Water Table - installation (cycle of 45 minutes) June 2005 March 2006

Perot's Bridge, a sound installation on Bristol's Perot's Bridge (for September 2006)

Docker's Window, a video installation at @Brtistol (for September 2006)


In 2006 I completed:

On this Day the Eternal Flame of the Chimera still burns - 2 minutes September 2006

The Beginning of BLINK an international co-production between many artists: Title Sequence

Perot's Bridge, a sound installation on Bristol's Perot's Bridge (for September 2006)

Docker's Window, a video installation at @Brtistol (for September 2006)

Dance Floor - installation (cycle of 45 minutes) June 2005 March 2006 - DANCE FLOOR at Glastonbury

Towards Aquarius, 6 minus 30 secs, 2005

In My Own Footsteps, Part One, 3 minus, April 2006

In My Own Footsteps, Part Two, 3 minus, May 2006


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