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"Terry Flaxton has been an impassioned, indefatigable presence in British Independent Video for almost two decades. During this time he has assembled an impressive body of work encompassing powerful, polemical documentary (produced as a member of ground-breaking outfits Vida and Triplevision) and highly personal, poetic video art.

What unites these separate strands of Flaxton's video making is a strongly held belief in the medium's ability to change our image of the world - or at least that resrtricted view of it obtained through the television screen. In Flaxton's eyes, a faith in video's transforming potential burns undiminished. More to the point, in Flaxton's hands, much of the medium's radical promise goes some way towards being fulfilled.

A gifted lighting cameraman, whose skills are extensively sought both inside and outside the industry, Flaxton brings a consumate polish to everything he shoots, exemplified equally by the verite Prisoners (1984) and the visionary The World Within Us (1988). A similar finely-honed sensibility distinguishes later pieces, like The Colour Myths (1990 - 1995), which draws heavily from an up-to-minute-palette of digital effects. Attempting the kind of rhapsodic fusion of image and language that few of his contemporaries could contemplate, let alone execute, Flaxton's later works have tended to divide opinion; but there is no doubting their vigour, integrity and sheer visual panache."

Steven Bode, A Directory of British Video Artists, Editor david Curtiss, Arts Council of England, John Libby Media/University of Luton Press, 1995

Video Art aaNews aaStatementaa Projects

Review of 3 Installations that recently ran in Bristol


My work has been purchased by the ARNOLFINI Bristol and the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Berlin.

Complete collections of my artwork are available or will soon be found at

The British Artists Film and Video Study Collection, LONDON

Video Les Beaux Jours, STRASBOURG

The Rewind Project, DUNDEE

The Lux Centre, LONDON


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