Premiered at Bristol University, Wickham Theatre, Wednesday 24th September 2008

Display: 16 feet by 9 feet screen, suspended off the floor in a dark space at a diagonal

Noticing a child sleeping on a granite ledge in the sun, then unfurling from a tight embryonic shape prompted me to shoot the same at 4k resolution on a high speed electronic cinematorgaphy camera (the Phantom). This when projected in high definition and projected in high quality, might unveil something of the 'photographic moment'. What onl
y takes 10 seconds could be witnessed over 30 minutes, (projected onto the simulacrum of a granite boulder within an exhibition space). Each person will be given a piece of stone to handle whilst taking their time to view the installation - it is important to me to generate a sculptural and material side to my ‘virtual’ work. As they watch, the audience will make eye contact at a certain point in the performance with the performer, for a fleeting second stetched to a minute.
This work was shot at 120 frames per second (fps) and recorded at 4k resolution and projected at 2k resolution or 2000fps at 2k resolution and projected on a 2k projector or 2k display. Equipment requirements for display, 1 x 2k Plasma display or 1 x 2k projector, (can be a 720p Display) plus 1 x Mac computer
Or - this work can appear as a single screen work. on 1 x 2k plasma display, 1 x Mac computer, Audio: Stereo system

Shot in Bristol - September 2008

Shown at The Phoenix Project Glastonbury, Friday 19th September 8pm - 11.30pm



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