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Time and Resolution: Experiments in High Definition Image Making

Premiered on Thursday 25th September 2008 at Bristol University, Wickham Theatre

Display: 16 feet by 9 feet screen, suspended off the floor in a dark space

Gallery 204 External Display, Bristol, Friday 26th September, Display in Gallery Window

Saturday 27th September, there will a presentation and discussion led by the artist from 8 until 9.30pm

In Re Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams created a form of photography of the natural world that has yet to be equalled. His medium was high-resolution glass photographic plates. I wish to begin to 'discuss' the issues with him through HD cinematography to try to unveil the photographic moment to the audience. I went to the spot where Adams took one of his most famous photographs, Yosemite Valley, Winter, 1940 and re-created the scene - with one important difference: at the beginning of the piece, the image will be in extreme close-up until there are only pixels and digital artifacts on screen - deep in the 4k image. Slowly the full picture begins to emerge and resolve up to standard levels of resolution, then beyond into the high definition domain - then this digital zoom will be picked up by an analogue zoom which has been close in on the waterfall in the picture. Slowly the 24 - 290 mm Optimo lens pulls back to reveal the grandeur that Adams was trying to evoke. The sound will be greater or lesser, closer and farther sounds of the waterfall in surround sound 5.1. The installation will loop and the audience will have to choose when to enter and when to leave. This work was shot at 30 fps and recorded at 4k resolution and projected at 2k resolution. I have agreed with a London Post Production house to ‘finish’ this work no-one has really cracked the 4k post production path anywhere yet.
Equipment requirements for display, 1 x 4k projector, 1 x server - I am currently trying to obtain a 4k projector for extreme high resolution projection for this work - however there are very few 4k projectors in the country. Otherwise, if shown at standard HD, the Equipment requirements for display, 1 x 2k Plasma display or 1 x 2k projector, (can be 720p display) plus 1 x Mac computer. Audio: Stereo system

Shot in April 2008 at Yosemite Valley – 4k


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