DANCE FLOOR - excerpt

Premiered at The Phoenix Project 0 Glastonbury, Thursday 18th September 2008

As you enter the exhibition space there will be 100 old and worn shoes on the floor that have to be stepped over to get to the centre of the space. As the audience proceeds into the room several people have stopped around an 8 x 4 foot rectangular well in which the flickering light of movement can be seen. Coming across the shoes to the edge of the well the audience can see that beneath us are two real size performers dancing together in extreme slow motion. Initially people will stand around the well but I wish to encourage the viewers to step down and walk upon the projection. The audience will become actual performers as they use the dance floor to interact with their virtual counterparts. Two dancers are shot from overhead and then slowed to an infinitely small speed which unveils the motions and shapes the two make.
This work was shot at 25 fps and recorded at 2k resolution and projects at 720p resolution
Equipment requirements, 1 x 1k projector, 1 x Mac computer, Audio: Stereo system

Shot in Somerset February 2008



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