Portraits of the Working People of Somerset: Interviews        
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      Glastonbury 1st Excerpt of Installation 2nd Excerpt of Installation Excerpt of full-size portraits        
      Venice These are small Downloadable PDF's which can then be printed        
      Somerset Carnivals 1 Introduction and Overview - 8 pages, 1mb        
      New York - coming soon 2 The Medieval World - 4 pages, 2mb        
      Beijing - coming soon 3 Medieval Local History - 9 pages, .1mb        
      Spitalfields - coming soon 4 The Modern World - 7 pages, 1.6mb        
      10 minute tour of exhibition          
      Charlotte Humpston          

Charlotte Humpston, Paintings, Textile and Digital Installations


Charlotte Humpston: Production Design


Terry Flaxton


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