Portraits of the Working People of Somerset: Interviews        
      Portraits Projects These interviews are normally displayed on a plasma screen at the exhibition        
      Glastonbury We are currently constructing these, along with new footage, into a 90 minute documentary        
      Venice Interviews with Participants (shot by Josh Randall) Information and Resources For Teachers Information Display from Exhibition (Jack Flaxton)        
      Somerset Carnivals 1st Excerpt of Installation (Flaxton) 2nd Excerpt of Installation (Flaxton) Excerpt of full-size portraits (Flaxton)        
      New York - coming soon              
      Beijing - coming soon Angela Lane, Spinner John Fletcher, Scriptwriter Selwynn Rees, Coal Miner        
      Spitalfields - coming soon

Arthur Cowling, Sheep Shearer

Ivor Hancock, Basket Maker Serena de la Hey, Sculptor        
      10 minute tour of exhibition Brendan Selick, Mud Horseman John Swayne, Pipe Maker Richard Wright, Thatcher        
      Chris Harries, Bee Keeper Neil Evans, Rope Maker Tom Clark, Stone Carver        
      Fred Gould, Cheesemaker Nicholas Sloan, Letter Cutter Jeremy Moore, Chimeny Sweep        
      John Leech, Potter            
      Charlotte Humpston          

Charlotte Humpston, Paintings, Textile and Digital Installations


Charlotte Humpston: Production Design


Terry Flaxton


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