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In recent years I have managed to begin the process of unveiling some ideas I have wanted to manifest and realize for a long time now. My first major installation was due to go ahead at the Bonne Bienalle in 1992. It was to be an exhibition of white goods which filled a domestic space - a bed, a sofa, a table, a fridge etc upon which the actual image of the bed, the sofa, the table and the fridge were projected with the following additions: On the bed, an image of an old man, life size, sleeping, on the table a virtual dinner party takes place but we only see the hands and arms of people, An image appears inside the fridge of real food, on the sofa a toung woman watches tv and so on and so forth. I nearly pulled this off again at the 2003 Glastonbury festival where my 'old man' was to be Michael Eavis (Michael is a young sixtyish) and the whole installation was entitled 'Being Michael Eavis' as if we were in Michael's mind. Instead I managed to stage 'the Dinner Party' - which is just the table element. Actually this installation received a lot of critical acclaim and has since been shown at several places including the Techne Exhibition of Installations in Milan during October to February 2005/2006.


So my notion of taking the screen off the wall is finally becoming possible for me (of course this has been possible since the beginnings of cinema in the 1890's) and I shall maintain this course and shortly shall be showing 'Water Table' and 'Dance Floor' which I've test shot in standard Pal resolution but I'm hoping very soon to convert all three installations to High Definition (elsewhere on this site you'll see that HD is a format I've been working in for a long time now). I have various other installations I wish to make other than those that deal with the reformation of the screen.




Another growing strand of my work is to do site specific work and that means also web site specific work in digital form. Please contact me if you wish to initate any projects.


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