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2016 was my 40th year making motion image art work - please click to see sedition for recent work

What can I say - I've been making the work for a long time long and it has passed through many phases - fundamentally though I adhere to Anthoni Tapies proposition that the artist should be like a shaman that brinbgs news of what will be happening to the tribe before most are aware. The thing is that news comes at a cost and that is the manner of the understanding encoded within the work - which the audience has to translate. There's a cost to the artist and that cost is joyful pain. If you want to see and experience art in its true sense then visit the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice - there's noweher that art is presented in a better fashion.

I wrote what follows in 2009 which indicates the kind of hope I had: 2009 is my 33rd year making video art work. In September 2007 I begin an Arts and Humanities Research Council Creative Fellowship in High Definition Video entitled The Actual, the Virtual and the Hyper Real which will investigate the nature of the developments in high resolution imaging and the development of aesthetics specific to high resolution images. WEBSITE

I will be showing work at the Roxy in London in February 2008.

In 2009 I will be having a retrospective of my work at the Centre Video Les Beaux Jours in collaboration with the Strasbourg Museum of Modern Art.

In 2009 I will premier my longest and latest single screen work began 18 years ago in 1989 14 History Lessons, 18 Visions and 21 Beatifications

Winchester, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol and Wells Cathedrals and Bath Abbey exhibited In Other People's Skins during 2008. This work also exhibited in Malta. It will exhibit at the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan in 2009 where da Vinci's Last SUpper is painted on the refectory wall - and this work will also exhibit at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York in Spring 2010.

The Laying on of Hands - I am beginning an International Installation Project in Winter 2009

I am also at the beginning of Blink an international co-production between many artists: Title Sequence

THE DINNER PARTY returned to Milan in November 2006 for a group show and is now on permanent display in Monza.

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My work has been purchased by the ARNOLFINI Bristol and the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART Berlin.

Complete collections of my artwork are available or will soon be found at

The British Artists Film and Video Study Collection, LONDON

Video Les Beaux Jours, STRASBOURG

The Rewind Project, DUNDEE

The Lux Centre, LONDON


On the educational level I am currently Visiting Fellow in High Definition Imaging at Bath Spa University. I've taught at many universities including Westminster, Goldsmiths, Bristol and Duncan of Jordanstone at the University of Dundee College of Art and Design in the School of TV and Imaging where I hold an Honorary Lectureship.

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