When recently on the island of Fuerteventura due to the material nature of the island, being the product of volcanic eruptions – I was moved to begin making a work. Fuerteventura is replete with lava rock and what appears to be desert, and on the coast white sand and blue water lagoons. Sometimes the seaweed comes in and gets trapped and accounts for the extraordinary nature of the tannin red colours that one sometimes sees the ocean turn into. And these you’ll witness in the Another Sun.

Whilst there I was moved – prompted perhaps – to start capturing certain aspects of the Island knowing that deep in my psyche I had been inspired to speak about something I have known for a long time. There were rituals on the island. When visiting an old volcano I found a native couple standing side by side for a long time and then walking one step every few minutes - a procession - they took an hour to go up to the summit. They were dressed to wed - but this must've been a local ritual for bride and groom alone. And then one night there was sound between the apartment and the sea and next morning an event space had materialised - another wedding space and a wedding appeared - and then later the structure mysteriously disappeared.

On Fuerteventura there are lava rocks everywhere in the desert spaces, which are on most of the island and people pile the rocks up here and there, in meaningful shapes. I’d been out walking and it was littered with lava rock and there was a ridge so it seemed fitting to do something. I asked my partner to perform some acts with the landscape and this is the centrality of Another Sun

The ocean is always nearby.

On my return, I transferred the footage I'd captured and noticed some very interesting perturbations with it. But left it alone for 3 months. One day every recently I began looking at them again and within a day I had realised what I had to do. I organised the material in a certain shape without too much subtlety and then realised I had to create a structure from a poetic voiceover and so wrote that voiceover in the form of a poem of 6 verses. I wrote to friends in Taiwan to try to obtain a voiceover – then I wrote to a friend in Korea and then someone in Melbourne for an Aborigine voice – I was searching for a solution that was to become obvious…

Then, overnight, for a reason best known to my deeper psyche Arseny Tarkovsky’s poem First Meetings came into my mind. Arseny Tarkovsky is Andrei Tarkovsky’s father and Andrei used some of his poems in Mirror and Solaris – Andrei also made Ivan’s Childhood, Mirror and Andrei Rubilev – films which bleed across from cinema into art. Arseny’s poem speaks about a spring love affair – which goes along in normal poetic terms until the last line – and that switch always stayed with me.

I got up and looked through the poem and realised I had to merge Arseny’s and my own two last verses… but because of this I had then to find  Russian voice over artist…. But suddenly I realised I had to not seek a human but an AI voice to represent the voice of Another Sun as its subject is the lives of others, aliens in a different world – how would they live, love and generally exist – what would be of importance to them.  So I ‘trained’ an AI voice and realised I could create inflections in the delivery by punctuating the text in various kinds of ways – and what’s more I can now easily render that voice and also the subtitles in any language I choose – as the AI voice represents the alien mind… So now AI seems fitting and I shall do more poetry using the dead soul at the heart of the machine - and bring it back to life with human intervention…