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Exhibitions in 2022


USA, BlissFest333, Colorado December 17th - 19th 2022, Another Life

Australia, Melbourne, MINA festival November 2022, Another Life

Korea, Seoul Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society Presence, October

Portugal, Image Play Festival, Funchal, a selection of recent works: Arabesque, Glade, Borderless, Consumed by the Sun, O Great Mother, Barcode Jesus in a World full of Everyday Beeple, Presentiments, November 5th and 6th-

 UK Royal Society of the Arts, London, Another Life, 6th October 2022, London 



- UK Bristol Royal West of England Academy Open, Premier of new large-scale work: The Human Gaze in an Age of Quantum Entanglement, (8 parts) 30th September - 1st December

 - Italy Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello & Palazzo Bembo, Exhibition titled Visions, Venice, Another Life, September

Australia ILCH Melbourne, Mountain Thunderstorm, International Selection, 9th September

UK Crassh Breaking the Frame Outdoor Festival Cambridge UK, To Stand and Stare: A Somerset Landscape, 30th September

Italy, Fabbrica del Vedere, Cannaregio Venice, 9th September Metamir, Parachronon, Another Life, Portraits of Cannaregio, and a series of other recent moving image art works

Italy Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello & Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Exhibition titled Visions, For Primo Levi, In Time of War June/July

Malta Valetta Contemporary, Malta, Exhibition titled Meta Landscapes, Another Sun, May/June


Italy Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello & The Room, Venice, Exhibition titled Consciousness, Arabesque, May/June

Australia, Seensound, Melbourne, Presence, Teal House, April/May Screening & International release online

- Italy, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello & The Room, Venice, Exhibition titled Rituals: Carnival of Light, April/May

Italy, Palazzo Bembo & The Room, Venice, Exhibition titled Canvas: Another Sun, March/April

Iran, Tehran Experimental International Electronic Music and Image Festival, February

Sedition International, Online Release, The Human Gaze in an Age of Quantum Entanglement, (1st 4 parts of 8 parts), October 8th

- Visual Container International Online Release, Visual Container TV Release of new work Diamond Beings Forming Above the Surface of A Dying Star from 23 July to 06 September

- Sedition International, Online Release, Another Sun, 9th July

Sedition International, Online Release, Reverie of Forgotten Dreams (La Rêverie des Rêves Oubliés de l’arrière-pays) 9th March

Sedition International, Online Release, Day of the Living Dead 9th March

    Contact   P H D - W E B S I T E Long Form Works 1980 - Present
    MOVING IMAGE WORK ON SEDITION ART Work in New York Film Co-Op Video Art Resources History 1976 - 2010
    Early Work at LUX   Sales at makersplace

Recent Article on Sedition "We are the Borg"

November 2019 Juror and Curator Istanbul International Film Festiva

Having just watched Metamir and Parachonon, a friend of mine said: "These works are profound, Terry; deep and subtle. You've made flatness into a higher dimension with the tilted frames. Delicate, fractal colors live there.

Van McElwee, Artist


Just watched Cloud Sculptures - it’s glorious. Love the sound track. At first I was slightly disconcerted by the hard edges, gradually mitigated by the gentleness of the overlapping entries and then finally totally justified by the sparkling central sculpture. A marvellous piece. Ingrid Sinclair, Producer


"The simple things are often the best things! it all works, the framing and the tempo. I have found out that I am allergic to almost everything from commercial cinema these days.Too much useless information. I have been watching old Bergman films. I understand Swedish now, which makes them better. And the simple poetry of a video like this is pretty much what I want from the moving image" Jeremy Welsh, Artist

  "Terry Flaxton has been an empassioned, indefatigable presence in British Independent Video for some time, during which he has assembled an impressive body of work encompassing powerful, ploemical documentary and highly personal poetic video art. What unites these separate strands is a strongly held belief in the medium's ability to change our image of the world - or at least that restricted view of it obtained through the screen. On Flaxton's eyes, a faith in video's transforming potential burns undimminished. More to the point, in Flaxton's hands, the mediums radical promise goes some way to being fulfilled"
    Under Every Sea a Desert (auctioned on makersplace July 2020 all editions sold) int Under Every Sea a Desert (auctioned on makersplace July 2020 all editions sold)


Landscape of the Heart - On Sedition

int Landscape of the Heart - on Sedition
    Paradigm:Enigma - to be released shortly int Paradigm:Enigma - to be released shortly
    Ecclesia ll (for Bridget Riley) - to be released shortly int Ecclesia ll (for Bridget Riley) - to be released shortly
    Istanbul November 2019 int Gravity Waves - to be released shortly
    Exhibition Autumn 2019 (Sept to Dec) Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, UK int Radiant Sound, Radiant Light, from the series Without Meaning

Exhibition July to October 2019 Bishops Palace Wells, UK

(Previously Cathedral of St John the Divine New York 2017)

int The Intersection of Dreams, (Part One of the trilogy: The Intersection of Dreams) Part 2: The Resurection of Dreams, Part 3: The Reinvention of Dreams - Intersection is comprised of variations of 3 screens, 3 media units Recently exhibited in the Cathedral of St John the Divine, Audience so far 1.2 million

Cathedral of St John the Divine New York 2016 Previously Cathedral of St John the Divine New York 2014 and Milan, Vasteras Sweden, X'ian China, 8 Cathedrals in the UK etc



In Other People's Skins

Overhead Projector and sound system, life sized table for 12 guests, tablecloth, 12 seats, 12 plates, audience so far around 1 million

Exhibited at various locations internationally to .75 million people, China, America, Europe)


Next Exhibition January through April 2019 Toronto, Canada

Available on Sedition

car Carnival of Light

Installation in two configurations for gallery and collectors, (32 x 16 foot screen, HD Projector Media Player, Audio system or 60 inch screen, media player)

Exhibited at various locations


Collection of Harriss Museum Preston, RWA 2013 Available on Sedition


In Re Ansel Adams

1 screen, 1 media unit

In the collection of the Harris Museum, Preston

    Available on Sedition

Still yet moving image life-sized portrait projects

(Left) 2 x 60 foot displays, 6 HD projectors at 5k lumens, 6 media players, Audio System

Exhibited at Ambika P3 Gallery, London

    Available on Sedition

WORLD (Portrait project) for gallery and collectors, (32 x 16 foot screen, HD Projector Media Player, Audio system or 60 inch screen, media player), Beijing, New York, Venice, London, Bristo, Somerset - Exhibited at various locations


RWA Bristol, 2015

New York Winter Diptych

2 screens, 2 media units

Exhibited at Royal West of England Academy


RWA Bristol, 2016

ReImagining Venice

3 screens, 3 media units

Exhibited at various locations


Last Exhibition RWA Bristol, 2014

Un Tempo Una Volta

1 x 20 foot screen hung at 45 degrees above audience, HD 5k projector, rigging to hang

Exhibited at various locations


Last Exhibition Atkinsin Gallery Somerset, 2017 Available on Sedition


Landscape Triptych

Installation, 3 screens, 3 media units or individual screens for collectors

Exhibited at various locations


Available on Sedition


In Re Ansel Adams

single screen artwork 4k - Online Release

    Available on Sedition wdq

Re:Imagining New York

single screen artwork 4k - Online Release

    Available on Sedition wdq

WaterFell - with Emily Burridge

single screen artwork 4k - Online Release

    Available on Sedition wdq

Without Meaning - A series of 4 short pieces investigating abstraction of pictorial imagery single screen artwork 4k - Online Release

      New Projects


2 live performances broadcast 1st from the USA then from the UK 2022


Procession: On Meaning, Myth, Media and Technology 16k

96 foot High x 54 foot wide screen with processional perfomers overlaid


The Dinner Party

10 Overhead Projectors and sound system, 60 foot by 20 foot table for 60 guests, tablecloth, 60 seats, 60 platesExhibited at various locations internationally to .75 million people, China, America, Europe)


Supercluster! (The Laniakean Paradigm)

7 screens (from 32 foot down to 32 inches), 7 mixed projectors and screens, 10 media players, Audio System


A Digital Requiem - Performance, installation & single screen works - 32 foot screen with 7 pieces performed live by composers, 4k Projector, media player, audio system - also 7 x 4k screens, 7 media players, headphones - Online Release


Poliptych (After Van Eyck)

4k Projector 32 foot x 18 foot screen, media player audio system



4k Projector 64 foot x 42 foot screen, media player audio system


Architrave (After Palladio)

Installation, 60 inch screen, media player)


The Sum of Hands

9 tables with 13 HD overhead projector, 13 media players, Audio Systems


ReImagining Venice (once more)

6 screens, 6 media units


Mirror (after Cocteau)

Long form single screen artwork 4k

Cinema environment


Shooting 'In Re Ansel Adams'

Available on Sedition





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"Terry Flaxton's shrewd and paradoxical installation "In Other People's Skins" contributes to the deconstruction of traditional video. The restless and versatile British filmmaker refuses usual interactivity, and displays, instead of a normal screen, a laid dinner table; then invites the viewer, through a very precise projection, to try to match the virtual guests' gestures. An unforeseeable and bewildering end follows." Techne Catalogue, Milan

"It was great to see your piece as it is supposed to be seen. Interactivity in the best sense: perhaps the only meaningful sense at this point in history." A fellow artist on seeing In Other People's Skins for the first time

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New Work Reviews of work Work chronology Presentation on Cine-montage In Other People's Skins
BLINK Un Tempo, Una Volta Water Table CINEMATOGRAPHY Work chronology
A short interview at the Milan InVideo Festival China Exhibition - China Video (Xi'an) Un Ritratti di Cannaregio (exhibition) A Ten minute Tour of the P3 Exhibition, 2010 Portraits of University of Bristol's Centenary
A Verbatim History of Digital Cinematography Click Here for link to sedition sales Click here for rental of work on Lux Comments from the tour of IOPS Prints from 'Until I'm Gone''
Below: a series of 20 foot x 9 foot life-sized Portraits Projects from Beijing to Venice, to New York to Bristol - eachof the250 subjects stood for 1 minute (as a reference to to early photographic exposure times)

Recent Exhibitions

2018, SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana, screening of works 1976 - 2018

2018, Test Previews: "To Stand and Stare: A Somerset Landscape" Bristol Rixie, Glastonbury Red Brick, Street The Grange and also Axebridge Cinemas, 2017 Echo Park Film Centre, Los Angeles

2017 Royal West of England Bristol, Drawing, Inscription, Abstraction, Intersectionality (Comprised of Drawing: via Portraits of New York,

Inscription: via Drawings and Inscriptions, Abstraction: via The consciousness of the Least of all the Species, Intersectionality: via The Consciousness of Trees)

2017 Romeinse Katakomben Museum, Netherlands, July to September to October (Drawings and Inscriptions) - 2017 Romeinse Katakomben Museum, Netherlands, July to September March, Reflections on Water

Below: Reimaginng Venice. A triptych of around 180 images set within a 'Cinemontage'

Recent Exhibitions

2017 PLASTIK Festival, Dublin, Prisoners (1983) part of LUX show - 2016 December, CMIR:THREE, Bristol Portraits of Britol Youth - 2016 November, In Other People’s Skins, Presidential Palace, Florence

October  2016 - March 2017 The Cathedral of St John the Divine, New York, The Intersection of Dreams (In Re Salvador Dali - Triptych) -2016 Atkinson Gallery, Somerset, Westhay, Kings Canyon, Fuertaventura (Mosaic Triptychs)

2016, RWA Bristol Reimagining Venice (Mosaic Triptych)

Below, The intersection of Dreams (after Dali). This is the central panel of triptych recently exhibited for 2 six month periods in the Cathedral of St John The Divine in New York



I'm beginning to rethink what moving image art might be as seperate from 'the grand gesture' which requires the structure of art as it is experienced in a commodified state via galleries and museums and though I've been making 'small gifts for friends' for some time, here's one to depict this kind of small gift.

On a recent walk: "We found a pool in a forest clearing (it was a freezing rainy day) everyone had walked on and just as I was about to shoot the rain creating ripples in the water, some dogs turned up and this is how it came out: the child calling, the dogs ignoring the cold water and their joy at playing free. And no, I didn't do anything to the dogs eyes and no there was no light on the camera to create the intense light in their eyes. It took some restraint to keep the frame centred in the hope the dogs would stay in frame which comes from the intuition/experience gained over the years.





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