Upcoming Exhibitions: To Stand and Stare: A Somerset Landscape - latest proposed test screening - Roxy Cinema 13th July - click for info      

SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana, screening of works 1976 - 2018 

    Right: Flaxton 'Re:Imagining Venice' moving image triptych of 180 Mosaicised images in a Cinemontage. 2017, exhibited at the Royal West of England Academy. Click here for more information on Terry Flaxton      

Right, Humpston, The Dead, In Re Raft of the Medusa

Left Humpston: Exodus, felt scultpture

Charlotte Humpston

Charlotte Humpston, Paintings, Textile and Digital Installations

Charlotte Humspton Artists Statement November 2017

Charlotte Humpston: Production Design

The Aspen Papers: Charlotte Humpston 2018



    Monumental Portraits of the Working People of Somerset - Introduction eflyer      
    Excerpt from Installation      
    Information and Resources For Teachers      
    Interviews with Working People of Somerset      
    2nd Excerpt of Installation      
    Excerpt of full size portraits      
    In Re Ansel Adams - Flaxton      
    Postcards from Beijing - Flaxton      
    A ten minute tour of a recent exhibition      

Right, Flaxton 2 x 60 foot Triptych's world portrait projects

Others in the series include Beijing and New York

Somerset Carnivals

The Six screen version of the portraits series


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